Playa Resorts

Playa Resrots is an all-inclusive resort and hotel chain. They have luxury oceanfront resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. They are a client of Cohort Creative and I was tasked to redevlop their international digital marketing campaigns, social media pressence and video production stratagey. I also assited in creative direction of print collateral. 


Social Media

Playa Resorts goal was to unite all their brands while letting the world know about their corporate goals.  I created a content strategy and use of professional videos and photography to help their teams with follower growth and engagement.

Creative Direction

Under Cohort Creative we created targeted messages and imagery based on each publication and its demographics and readers’ buying behavior. Brochures and ads are compelling, and copy is inspired, concise, and strategically developed to drive action. Responses are tracked and success is measurable – for every ad, in every issue.

Digital Billboard Ad

I was tasked with creating an animated logo to play in a loop on a digital billboard in the heart of Miami. Until this project I had very little experince in animation. This project challnged me to learn new software and advance my skills. 


The Green Haus

Living Creative

Coming soon in June! Follow along as I convert a 100 year old brick farm house into a modern boho retreat! Until then check out my latest blogs.